Monday, January 22, 2018

i heard somewhere that people often have a
hard time sleeping because they aren't really
done processing everything that happened that
day and i believe that

lately i wake up around 3 or 4 am and that's it
my brain clicks on, turning corners and circles
about everything about everything

i'm afraid that's just an anxious mind at rest
always wondering, always questioning, always

most of the time, some of the time, that can be
a really positive and motivating thing
other times i can spin into the corner or a
conversation had ten years ago and still feel
something far from pleasant, similar to
whatever it was in that particular moment.
and it's often painful and self-sabotaging
and unkind to my heart and soul.

who teaches you that?
what pattern decides to stick around and play that game?

i take a deep breathe and vow to let it all out
have you been honest?
have you been fair?
have you been kind?
have you been strong and sincere?

keep in mind the people that don't like you, never will
and they just aren't your people anyway
keep in mind there is always tomorrow
keep in mind each day is a rebirth
take it in stride, take it step by step
thank someone daily
go out of your way
exercise something that is uncomfortable to you
even if you try one of these things, take it as a win
ultimately we are all lucky weird masses of stars
trying to figure it all out all the time
i get into my car turn up the music and thank god
for safety, the morning sun and a healthy frame of mind

Saturday, January 20, 2018

and holy shit this song kicks my ass

kissed a frog the other day and found didn't want it to last

life is a weird train with no telling when you'll stop or pass

growing older and more careful and happier without

what ya thought ya needed in your past

let 'em spin baby girl, let 'em scatter in the wind

so please, stop your late night texts
we both know i have more than you could ever give
and please don't tell me i shouldn't wear that dress
because it's kinda see-through but that's okay because
the dads at school like it, miss yemm
i'm not sorry i have an ass
praise be to the good spirits women are having their time
i've been hurt and harassed and i feel stronger that now
we can all fight like hell

Monday, January 8, 2018

be ruthless about your wellbeing darling, be ruthless.
and never ever ever ever give up.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

get moving baby
get moving, alright
get going baby
swing your hair
in that light

get growing darlin'
make something magical here
get lovin' babe
ain't no scorekeeper here
everything you do is right

jump in your shoes
run to the car
dance in your window
grab a spoon, eat the stars

i want two cats
and a farm that needs me
i want a man that sweeps and sings and cooks for me
i want the sun and the plants and something simple but kind
i see your pain babe and i raise a glass, to yours and mine
everything in pieces
everything in reflection
ya can't be a real human without a fuck ton of little inventions

i don't know how to tell you this i don't know
how to show you this all these things hidden
deep within me; the things people let dance
in their heads like stars on a quiet moon and
forget to whisper or speak. a haunting thought,
a dream without reason or a nightmare that
stays with you, slowly fading but not soon.
not so soon.

i've been moved, i've bled. i've done my best
i've never settled, i have made so many mistakes;
i've fled.

in the most undone parts of my heart
and head i think a truth remains
the thing that can't seem to find its wings
the truth of life and fact and the morning sun
the sway of the trees and the feel of a bed
the truth of love in everything big and small
the joy of life in everything big and small
is enough to push through that goddam wall.

i love my mama
i love my dad
love my brothers and the animals too
i think i'd like to carry on in this nontraditional
strange unconventional way
it's enough to keep me moving
it's enough for today

i heard somewhere that people often have a hard time sleeping because they aren't really done processing everything that happened th...