Thursday, June 22, 2017

the right people are the right people at the right time

ran into my strange, distant and peculiar ex recently and the only thing that reverberates in my mind is if i should never see you again, it will be too soon you that acted like you could lasso the moon and spin straw into gold your act is secretly cruel, false and older than old

and i dreamt i held my guy's little girl, taking her to a museum
we wove in and out of books and dinosaurs and theories
and we looked for him, couldn't see him
we called out and he was there and he was always there to catch us
we looked out and he was waiting, he was waiting and relentless
he smiled, we smiled, the joy of life
without chaos, without mystery, simple, without strife

all these things pass through seeming so randomly gambled
clock ticks, dog goes outside, people leave work in tandem
i wonder if there is some secret circular interwoven path
that ties and binds all these routes with some incredibly beautiful,
delicate math

something we will never fully comprehend
something that brings us to the table, breaking bread
this thing that feels close to folklore and a miracle
this thing that plants a silent rhythm in the sidewalk
our pacing, the time clock, rotating symbols

i am not wrong and neither are you
i am not right and neither are you
to meet in the middle is the gift of love
to talk in concern of others is the gift of love
everything i know is mysterious even now
everything i love is mysterious even now

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

dream recordings pt.2

last night i dreamt dozens of crazy things
a dystopian life
one with blocked cell phones
no contact, impossible transportation
confusion and strife
the streets became desolate
the feeling became panic
i tried for my mama
looked for my family
picked up a kitten
tiny meowing and black
saw a building light up behind me
torched with movement and flames
pure horror, terror, sadness
i had a bag
i lost my bag
i had some friends
couldn't find the friends
everything was scattered and quickly happening
to err in judgement could be lethal
nothing made sense and everyone panicked together

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

dream recordings pt. 1

With Kristin in Amsterdam?
Lots of street art. Trying to find street pop
art of Clockwork Orange, somewhere.
Beautiful museum, talking to the guides- who
were all attractive men? Too Uber to airport but
Uber driver stopped to show us his office! It was
an open concept warehouse, communal work space.
Lots of creatives. The best part was there was a zero
gravity open middle center of the building so you could
fly or float wherever you wanted. Kind of like that Willy
Wonka bubble room but without the death fan. No stairs
necessary. Kristin wanted to get to airport but I couldn't
stop jumping and flying. Still wanting to find Clockwork
Orange art.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

to be pure
to be pure
to be     p  u  r  e

to be true
to be true
to be     t   r  u   e

to blossom
blossom blossom
only because it's
the right thing to do

if i told you that things grow inside and spill out like branches
leaves, rain, overfilled glasses, the river after a storm
would you hear it?
if i told you my fear is deeply rooted in fear
and deeply tied to the aversion to risk
the connection to pain
the inability to let light mend a deeply buried stain
would you understand, without question?
i am floored by forgiveness, acceptance, kindness
would you say it, do it and be there, again and again?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

my brain hurts from thinking too much
i'm not brilliant, not different
just like you we i us
it hurts to get going
it hurts to go back
it hurts to keep moving
everything moves much too fast
i hear the things that you think
the wings on your dirty human feet
i see the scope in your eyes
the way you thought life would rise
your pain your disdain
once you told me i was the only
one who understood and saw
the real stain
the real human remains
and i do i see it all too much
so in response it's wine hangovers
and brunch
a want to be wanted
a lot to be seen
a heart that beats
quiet the secrets
you keep
i keep them too
i feel them too
may hope and
love find you

the right people are the right people at the right time ran into my strange, distant and peculiar ex recently and the only thing that r...